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    This is the latest scam trying to get passwords from unsuspecting Earlham users - comments are in bold.

    Remember: neither SCS nor ECS will ever ask you for your password, especially not in an email!


    From: Earlham College Webmail <>
    Reply-To: (a big clue - why would any Earlham folks send a message from ""?)

    Dear Client,

    (This is pretty typical of this sort of scam - poor spelling and grammar, and a vague need for a response. This is a bit less alarmist than most scams, but thei idea is the same: to covince you to send your password to some unknown party)

    Due to a few problems experienced in our service network,you are expected to undergo an account holders re-validation process in order to sort out some problems that may be encountered in our email service to you.
    This process is not going to take long and will be characterized by certain lapses in our email services to you.
    The Earlham College Webmail Service® will require you to complete the account details below and select a test question and answer (to serve as security code that will be needed in logging in to your account service during the duration of this process). These details below should be stated
    in your reply to this email;

    Full Name:
    Address: (Wouldn't the college or the seminaries already have your address?)
    Email Account Login:
    Password: (Here's the big giveaway - why would anybody who controls the mail server need to know what your password is? Wouldn't just replying to the message be a clear sign that you were using your account?)
    *Test Question:

    You will be sent a new confirmation alphanumerical password to that will only be valid during this period and can be changed after the process.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    Customer Service

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